The Best Teeth Whitening For  Kits

The Best Teeth Whitening For  Kits

1. Whitecare Tooth Whitening Kit

Say goodbye to coffee, tobacco, tea, wine and yellowing teeth with the WhiteCare tooth whitening kit. With its 5 LED Booster technology, it gets rid of yellow spots and dull teeth in a few days. Teeth whitening comes to your home in a simple and effective way. A product perfectly suited to the most sensitive teeth and with a good minty taste.

2. Smile Avenue Tooth Whitening Kit

Gain from one to several shades with the Smile Avenue tooth whitening kit. Pain-free and harmless, the product allows you to regain a radiant smile in just 20 to 30 minutes a day. To use it, nothing could be simpler: fill the tray provided with the whitening gel, clip the LED2.0 lamp under the tray before placing it in your mouth, wait then rinse.

 3. Very Good Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional results from home. The Very Good Smile teeth whitening kit allows you to gain between 2 and 9 shades in just a few minutes a day. Wine, coffee, tea and tobacco stains disappear to give way to a dazzling smile and fresh minty breath. This French whitening product is made with top quality ingredients. It contains 1 whitening gel of 10ml, 1 LED2.0 lamp, 1 splint, 1 shade guide, 1 syringe for application and 1 instructions for use in French.

4. Floradyle Tooth Whitening Kit

15 to 25 minutes a day is enough to whiten your teeth with the Floradyle dental whitening kit. A gel pen with stunning results that allows you to gain several shades in just 14 days. How to use it? Apply 2 drops of gel using the pen on the upper teeth then on the lower teeth. Place the universal mouthpiece in your mouth, turn on the LED lamp via your smartphone and lie down comfortably. An audible signal warns you at the end of the program. Remove the device then brush your teeth with Floradyle toothpaste. . 

Discover the revolutionary new formula for a radiantly white smile. Ray of Smile teeth whitening strips are suitable for all types of teeth, even the most sensitive. With its good minty taste, it is very pleasant to use. In 14 days, the 28 bands will save you several shades. The product is offered in its improved version with an anti-slip gel – No slip Tech. To use, place the strip on your teeth, press and leave for 60 minutes before removing.

6. Crystal Smile Home Whitening Kit

Without peroxide, the Crystal Smile whitening kit is a formidable stain remover. It is composed of two 10ml whitening gels, a Cool Blue LED lamp, 2 thermoformed trays, a storage box and a user manual. The kit adapts to all teeth, even sensitive teeth thanks to a built-in desensitizing agent. Enamel is preserved and teeth visibly whiter in just 20 days.

 7. Beautiful Smile Teeth Whitening Kit

The Beautiful Smile Teeth Whitening Kit gives you professional results from the comfort of your own home. Without peroxide, it is composed of 3 syringes of 3ml containing whitening gel, a mouthpiece suitable for all mouths, 6 OSRAM blue light LED bulbs, a color chart and instructions for use. If you want to whiten your teeth very simply, remove wine, coffee, tea, tobacco stains quickly, this kit is for you. Optimal treatment duration: 14 days at the rate of one to two daily application (s).

8. Smayle Tooth Whitening Kit

The Smayle tooth whitening kit is made in France. With a peroxide level of less than 0.1, it presents an effective alternative to dental office whitening. It is incredibly effective on yellow stains, wine, tobacco, coffee, tea, etc. and allows even sensitive teeth to be whitened without attacking them. The kit contains a latest generation whitening gel and an LED lamp to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

 9. Plastimea Tooth Whitening Kit

With the Plastimea teeth whitening kit, you need 20 minutes a day for 20 days to regain a radiantly white smile. The product’s LED technology works easily and quickly in just 3 steps. Its patented formula without peroxide is the pledge of a healthy and serene use which respects your enamel and your teeth. A real turnkey product with professional results. The kit is composed of 2 syringes of 10ml of whitening gel, 1 double mouthpiece to treat the upper and lower teeth without wasting time, an LED lamp and a color chart.

10. Plastimea Dental Whitening Refill Kit

After using the Plastimea dental whitening kit, maintain the whiteness of your teeth with the Plastimea dental whitening refill kit. It is composed of 3 syringes of 10ml for a maintenance treatment of 5 to 10 days. This product is to be used with the splint and the LED lamp of the Plastimea dental whitening kit.