Teeth Whitening Splint

Whiten Your Teeth With The Help Of The Gutter

It is possible to combine the teeth whitening splint technique with additional treatments for greater effectiveness.

To maximise the contact between whitening products and teeth, aligners are ideal. These aligners are particularly efficient in whitening teeth when they contain hydrogen peroxide.

Another Benefit Is The Brief Duration Of The Procedure.

Applying 30 minutes every day for five days might produce noticeable improvements in some circumstances (usually after only three days).

Teeth that are stained yellow will benefit the most from teeth whitening the most.

Conventional methods include the following:

Molded aligners (thermoformed) based on the client’s teeth; trays pre-filled with whitening solutions

Other options include whitening pens or foams into tray systems.

Whitening Trays That May Be Thrown Out After Use

Disposable trays are used to hold the whitening solution. Hygiene is guaranteed in this way.

Because of their flexibility, they may be used on a variety of dentitions. However, they will always be less precise in aligning the teeth than custom-made aligners.

Despite the fact that the results are often positive, not all teeth are treated adequately.

The Trays Are Made From Moulds.

Some tooth whitening trays may be tailored to your specifications.

It’s common for dentists to perform this sort of work, but some firms may offer to produce a mould in their own laboratory using impressions you provide them.

To make the aligners, the upper and lower jaw impressions are obtained, and these impressions are used to make the aligners.

Fill The Gutters With Whitening Gel And Place Them In Your Mouth.

In Fact, It Is A Reality:

For the first ten days, wear them at night (so that you may wear them for at least six hours in a row) (for the same effectiveness, the product should be more concentrated than in the first case).

Disinfecting and cleaning trays and writing instruments

Some comprehensive models include the following:

teeth-whitening toothpaste; a gutter for teeth-whitening toothpaste; a teeth-whitening accelerator; a colour chart.

Whitening toothpaste is deposited in the gutter with the help of a pen To begin, we apply a whitening accelerator to the teeth before inserting the tray and wearing it for 10 minutes.

The treatment is expected to last ten days if used twice a day for two applications each day using this kit (morning and evening).

Foams and trays that can be used to whiten

A few more teeth whitening kits use 3 V batteries and whitening foams in combination.

The whitening chemicals will be activated by the light diffused by the gutter (568 nm blue light).

Although it may seem that 14 days is insufficient time for a knocked-out tooth to recover, studies have shown that this kind of short-term splinting is quite effective.1 Short-term splinting helps the gums surrounding your tooth to recover while also allowing the body to re-secure the tooth in its socket after extraction.

A tooth that has been knocked out might recover far more rapidly than a dental implant. A dental implant is a foreign element that must be put into the bone, while a natural tooth is simply returned to its normal position after being extracted. In order for a dental implant to be properly fastened, the bone around it must develop. It just takes the regeneration of the periodontal ligaments for a knocked-out tooth to be restored to its proper position. These soft tissues recover at a higher rate than the bone does. Even after this period, the gums may still be sore, but they will continue to recover as long as the tooth is in place.