Teeth Whitening: 10 Questions and Answers

In order to ‘fix’ our mouth’s cosmetic flaws, there are a number of techniques available. In addition, teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after and stylish treatments. Is it apparent to you what it entails? If you’re interested in learning more about this therapy, we’ll try to answer a series of questions regarding it.

Is The Tooth’s Enamel Broken?

When it comes to teeth whitening, one of the most common questions is if the enamel is damaged. After years of research and expertise, the Rosales Clinic, where Paula Echevarra goes to maintain her smile, can attest to the fact that the enamel remains intact. As a result, they say that the teeth are unaffected by the procedure, save for minor post-treatment discomfort.

What Are The Most Common Methods?

As described in Smylife, the most typical approach is to combine therapy in the clinic and at home. In the dental office, a whitening agent is applied and triggered by an LED lamp to open the enamel’s pores, allowing the dentin to be bleached. Typically, two or three sessions are required, each lasting around 20 minutes, depending on the individual. You’ll need to wear splints with a product for two or three nights while you sleep, or for a few hours in the afternoon, as a reminder of the therapy at home. With a lower proportion of hydrogen peroxide, they offer the same bleaching result. The colour of the tooth will change after a few days.

Is The Procedure Painful? What Precautions Should We Take Following The Whitening Procedure?

After treatment, the tooth is sensitive for 72 hours, but the discomfort subsides after that time. At Smylife they recommend avoiding meals that cause stains during those first 72 hours, therefore it’s crucial to pay attention to cleanliness throughout those 72 hours and avoid certain items. As an additional precaution, smoking should be avoided because it might cause teeth to discolour. The teeth darken as a result of nicotine deposits that build up over time. As a result, many smokers seek out a whitening procedure.

Is It Possible For Anybody To Do It, Or Does It Have Any Kind Of Restriction?

Anyone who has a cavity-free mouth and no tooth sensitivity should avoid therapy since it might exacerbate the condition.

Is It Capable Of Removing All Forms Of Stains From Teeth?

No. Over time, teeth tend to become yellow or lose their natural whiteness. It is possible to lighten teeth with more strong stains (orange or grey tones), but it depends on the tone and has to be checked by an expert, because in the most severe situations, such excellent results are not always produced. ” Tetracycline-caused stains leave teeth with a grey colour that can’t be whitened. If this is the case, veneers, caps, or crowns would have to be used.

Are Men Or Women More Likely To Bleach?

Between the ages of 30 and 40, the clinic sees a higher percentage of female patients and a lower percentage of male patients. According to the Smylife specialists, women have higher expectations and desire a “whiter” white.

What Foods Might Have A Detrimental Impact On Our Teeth’s Colour?

Tea, coffee, fizzy beverages, tomato and curry, strawberry and raspberry, as well as cigarettes.

If you don’t brush and floss your teeth, can you get away with using teeth whitening instead?

One of the most common misconceptions about teeth whitening is that it may be used as a substitute for a professional dental cleaning. You are being deceived by these claims. Whitening is a cosmetic procedure, not a substitute for proper hygiene. In addition to removing germs, brushing helps to improve enamel and preserve teeth.

Is It Possible To Become Addicted To The Whiteness Of One’s Teeth?

Patients who have whiter teeth are more confident, according to Opencel. As long as you don’t worry over the “white” of your teeth, you’re OK! It’s a condition known as ‘blancorexia,’ which refers to an extreme bleaching of the teeth. The colour of a person’s teeth is determined by their enamel, which varies from person to person. People who are obsessed with getting their teeth “perfectly white” might face a number of oral health issues.

Where Can We Get Started?

Requesting information and undergoing a teeth whitening procedure may be done at numerous cosmetic dentistry practises.