My Teeth Have Just Been Whitened.

Despite their growing popularity, teeth whitening procedures are quite cautious in their approach.

Coffee, black drinks, and even cigarettes should be avoided during a teeth-whitening procedure since they may easily discolour the teeth.

Tooth enamel is particularly vulnerable and should be spared the germs and cavities that might result from frequent consumption of sweets.

Defintion Of A “White Diet”

As its name suggests, a “white” diet consists of consuming white meals or foods that might discolour the teeth after treatment. As a result, a higher amount of pigmentation may be achieved after bleaching since the enamel stays porous and its structure changes.

Cold and acidic meals and beverages should be avoided by individuals with food sensitivities while they are being treated.

While and after teeth whitening, some meals that can be ingested are:

Fruit juices that aren’t dyed in any way are permitted, as long as they aren’t too dark.

Garlic sauce, baking soda and garlic cloves are the seasonings.

White rice, fish, spaghetti, white cheese, white meat, white chocolate, Greek yoghurt, and almonds are some of the foods served for dinner..

White chocolate, cream, and sweetened condensed milk are all common ingredients in confections.

Apple, cheese, broccoli, pineapple, zucchini, almond milk, banana, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumber, and aubergine vinaigrette are some of the fruits and vegetables that can be found in this recipe..

It is imperative that we avoid or abstain from consuming

Coke, Pepsi, iced tea, coffee, tea, wine, hot chocolate

A variety of sauces and vinegars can be used to dress up a dish.

Red fruits and vegetables such as beets, spinach, blueberries, and red meat are all included in this meal plan.

As a precaution, we should refrain from eating citrus fruits such as lemons, kiwis and tomatoes after the treatment, and we should refrain from drinking hot or cold beverages for at least two days following the final treatment. White wine or light beer can be substituted for dark alcoholic beverages if necessary.

As previously said, it is advised that patients begin the tooth whitening procedure at a time when they are able to regulate their food intake, and many patients take advantage of a post-holiday diet in order to accomplish so.

To make the most out of your treatment, be sure to check your calendar for special days and social activities, so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and have fun.

The goal of having a picture-perfect grin is to have the confidence to flaunt it.

What’s the best way to maintain the health and attractiveness of your teeth??

Our toothpastes offer a wide range of outcomes, from an intense whitening treatment to a more mild one. 3D White Perfection paste eliminates up to 100% of surface stains within three days and prevents new stains from sticking to the enamel surface. Additional benefits of fluoride include strengthening and re-building enamel. In addition to whitening teeth and preventing cavities, it also aids in the battle against plaque and gingivitis.

We utilise the same whitening chemical dentists use in their procedures in all of our whitening strips. You’ll be pleased with the results because it’s safe for your teeth. All of our toothpastes are designed to eliminate surface stains and plaque that accumulate over time. Multiple benefits of mouthwashes include protecting teeth from future staining and offering full regular care.

While there are various at-home whitening recipes available, it’s crucial to be aware of the hazards. Damage to tooth enamel is the most typical side effect of these treatments. Natural foods, such as strawberry or orange peel, and baking soda in all its forms, can irritate the gums and damage the enamel. 3D White and other over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are the greatest way to get whiter teeth without putting your health at risk.