How To Choose The Right Teeth Whitening Kit?

While they all promise the same result – a brighter smile – not all teeth whitening kits are created equal . There are indeed several methods of applying the whitening agent to the teeth, and above all, the duration of the treatment and the exposure time vary from one brand to another. Here is everything you need to know to choose the right teeth whitening kit.

Understand How It Works

Due to consumption habits (tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco), teeth tend to turn yellow over time. And if they are not yellowed, they still tend to tarnish or some spots eventually appear. The teeth whitening kit provides a simple and practical solution to this problem: it allows you to find whiter teeth , from home, without having to go to your dentist. These kits generally use the same method as dentists. Thanks to a whitening gel applied to the teeth (gel often made from hydrogen peroxide, that is to say hydrogen peroxide), the coloring of enamel and dentinis thinned, to get as close as possible to white. It is also for this reason that the kits are regularly accompanied by a color chart, to know how many shades have been gained between the start and the end of the treatment.

How To Choose Your Teeth Whitening Kit

As with the dentist, the whitening care provided by a kit is temporary: depending on the quality of the product, the teeth are whitened for only a few days or for a few weeks. In all cases, to make this bleaching last over time, it is advisable to repeat the treatment regularly, every month for example. However, using a teeth whitening kit requires a few precautions: always follow the treatment time and exposure time recommended by the manufacturer. Likewise, pregnant women, as well as people suffering from dental or gum problems, must necessarily seek the advice of their doctor. Finally, people with allergic reactions to hydrogen peroxide should obviously stay away from this product!

Choose The Best Method

As for the teeth whitening itself, if it is carried out by a whitening gel, several methods exist to apply it on the teeth. These different methods are all found in the whitening kits, and to choose well, everything here is above all a matter of preference.


Alignment teeth whitening kitThis is probably the technique most used by teeth whitening kits. Sometimes already filled with whitening gel, and therefore disposable, they have a universal size (to be placed on any teeth) and you just have to put them on the teeth and let them act! However, many kits now offer reusable trays: the gel is then in a separate syringe, and it is up to the user to fill the tray with gel before placing it on his teeth. Even if it requires a little more effort, reusable aligners are practical since during subsequent treatments, only the whitening gel must be redeemed.

The Pens

Pen teeth whitening kitA teeth whitening kit may also contain a pen filled with whitening gel. It is a method full of ease and which seduces by its speed: all you have to do is run the tip of this pen over the entire surface of the teeth and leave to act. The result is then visible very quickly, especially when there is an accelerator in the kit. Note that some brands opt instead for a brush, which is then used more like the brush of a nail polish. Putting the whitening agent on the teeth is more effective, but much less practical.